I want to create pieces that will be cherished throughout your lifetime. Meaningful artwork that brings beauty and joy into your world. And just as no two people are exactly alike, I place the utmost importance on creating pieces that are truly one of a kind. Each and every piece I create is individually hand water-colored and inked by me, insuring that no two pieces are ever absolutely identical. Instead- just like each of us- every piece holds it’s own subtle differences and unique beauty.

Currently, I am working on a series studying the cross sections of fruits and vegetables. By presenting them in this unusual way, you’re able to recognize the subtle beauty found within these everyday items. To see paintings available for sale, please¬†click here.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss possibilities for custom paintings, please feel free to email me right here.


Growing up, I was always drawing or painting and when I was ten, I was accepted to a fine arts magnet school where I studied until high school graduation. I am incredibly fortunate for that experience, not only because it allowed me to recognize and nurture my passion for art at a very young age, but also because the creative environment stressed discipline and self discovery- two characteristics that have proven invaluable. (Because of my experience, I am also a firm believer in the importance of fine art programs in our schools.) When I went away to college, I decided to study scientific illustration in order to combine both my passion for painting and my love of nature and science. (Confession, I’m a total science nerd. I even met my husband in a dissection lab! Romantic, right?) Today, I continue to intertwine those loves in both my¬†professional and personal works. Always seeking to discover and share new inspiration, I hope my designs bring as much happiness and joy to you as they do me!

courtney khail stationery and design is based out of Denver, Colorado where Courtney lives with her husband, Jordan and their black lab, Bella.

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