Happy Valentine’s Day! (plus I’m on Clementine Daily!)

via my instagram I know a bunch of people aren’t fans of today- some think it’s overly commercialized, puts unrealistic expectations of couples to be overly romantic, and as for all my single ladies out there (and guys) it can pretty much make you feel like you’re all by your lonesome. But personally, I love [...]

Note cards seen on The City Sage!

  round up via the city sage Huge thanks to Anne for featuring my garden rose card in her Valentine’s Day card round up. Best way to give flowers this Valentine’s.¬†Actually scratch that. Give this card AND flowers. That’s the winning combo.

“the onion is the truffle of the poor”

photos via courtney khail One of the best parts of having a flexible schedule is being able to explore during the week. Everything moves a little slower, there aren’t crowds, and everyone seems really relaxed. It was snowing and we were feeling lazy, so instead of rushing to the mountains to ski, we slept in [...]

My (printed) Watercolor Note Card Line Launches Today!

You can buy these over in my shop! Well hello again! I can’t believe it’s been two months already. Okay, that’s technically a lie. I can believe it because SO much has been going on these past two months. Before we get to the big news (spoiler alert, the title gives it away) Merry Christmas [...]

Winter is here! (and I’m addicted to my phone.)

Stumbled across these little guys on the way home from the grocery store yesterday. I then of course started singing the 12 Days of Christmas. Good thing I was alone in the car. Hmm. November 6th was my last post? Where the heck has the month gone? To be honest though, I’m still getting used [...]

Learn to Paint Your Own Holiday Cards! (plus the bloopers)

Watercolor Greetings -the bloopers from Courtney Khail on Vimeo. Good morning everybody!!I hope your past two days of the week have gone wonderfully and that you’ve adjusted to daylight savings. I’ve heard a lot of griping about it lately, but personally, I enjoyed the extra hour of sleep. Now the whole it getting dark super [...]

Happy Halloween!

The most important rule of Halloween via courtney khail Happy Halloween everyone! This is our first year handing out candy (we lived in an apartment and then a condo before this) so we’ve stocked up (holy cow candy is expensive) decorated the front door/yard with faux tombstones and paper bats, and have the porch light [...]

all things are difficult

  all things are difficult before they are easy- thomas fuller, watercolor by courtney khail I find myself repeating this quote often- it’s just so true. I remember the first time J. and I went kayaking- I was terrified. Like, surprised I wasn’t visibly shaking kind of terrified and became uncharacteristically quiet. But I did [...]

it snowed (and my sister is getting married!)

Happy Friday everyone! So I woke up this morning to snow- about an inch to be exact- and couldn’t help thinking “where the heck did fall go?” But then the sun came out, the majority of the snow has melted away and lo and behold, fall is back. Crazy Colorado weather. Though if this is [...]

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