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Note cards seen on The City Sage!

  round up via the city sage Huge thanks to Anne for featuring my garden rose card in her Valentine’s Day card round up. Best way to give flowers this Valentine’s. Actually scratch that. Give this card AND flowers. That’s the winning combo.

Courtney Khail in Denver Life

via courtney khail I meant to share this a little while ago but somehow it got away from me. Either way, exciting news! My invitations were included in this year’s spring/summer Denver Life Weddings! (So technically it’s not too too late. I mean, it’s still summer.) It’s such a beautiful magazine and I wanted to [...]

Courtney Khail on

 (tying into yesterday’s post, I got chills reading “Denver artist Courtney Khail” since I’ve been so used to hearing “Atlanta artist.” It’s the little things people.) Hey everybody! Just wanted to share something that made me super excited (like, do a happy dance kind of excited)- my paintings are featured over on! (5280 is [...]

How to Write the Perfect Thank You Note

via Rue Mag Hey everybody! With Easter, Mother’s Day, and wedding season right around the corner we’re all about to have a ton of thank you notes to write. And if you’re like most everyone the idea of sitting down with a stack of blank cards puts you into a panic. Hopefully this will help! [...]

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