Happy (April Fools) Weekend

I really hope my sister doesn’t kill me for this one (but come on, it’s so cute!) via personal collection

Holy cow IT’S ALMOST APRIL. How did that happen?

This week has been super crazy (finishing up proofs, my in-laws were visiting, doctor visits…) and it doesn’t lighten up this weekend either. Luckily, it’s all fun things (dinner plans, parties, concerts, and my mom is visiting) so I’m looking forward to it!

All that said, my hectic schedule still hasn’t stopped me from perusing the internet:

Our shoot went live on Wednesday! (More about that on Monday)

These plates are BEAUTIFUL (via my friend over here)

Still can’t get over how awesome these place cards are

I know it’s spring and all, but I’m still looking at tall socks

Sometimes you just need to slow down to fully appreciate it. In this case, it’s ballet. (And I know it’s not the main focus, but I love how wavelike the fabric appears behind them)

I am 100% sure I wore shoes just like this when I was 7. And of course, now I want them again. Heck, if you can comfortably play freeze tag in them, they have to be able to handle some simple city walking.

And even though we are the ones leaving, I still completely understand woe number 1

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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