The perfect Valentine’s Day gift- because these flowers don’t die

via courtney khail

Still looking for that perfect Valentine’s day gift? How about flowers? Even better, how about a one of a kind painting of flowers? That way you get the everlasting happiness of flowers without the tackiness of silk ones. (Apologies to any silk flower lovers out there- I just always associate them with a lot of dust and unnatural colors. Speaking of- there is someone who lives a little while away from our house that definitely put those fake really brightly colored bouquets in each one of their pots. The best part? The tags are still on them. It’s amazing.)

And bonus points if you give a painting AND chocolate. I don’t care if people think it’s cheesy- if you show up with chocolate and flowers you win Valentine’s day.

*Well that or a hat from the swap meet. That could win Valentine’s Day too. (Oh Jay Z, I love you.)

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