Invitations set the tone for an entire event. They build excitement and anticipation as well as give your guests a sneak peek at what is to come. Each of my invitations are carefully created to reflect your relationship as well as the nature of the event. Whether you decide on a design from the site or choose to have me create a custom painting specifically for your event, your invitations are created especially for you- not from a template.

Both hand painted and printed options are available.

With my painted option, each and every piece is hand painted and inked as a one of a kind piece of art. My printed option utilizes a special two stage process which allows me to capture the subtle color variations of the watercolors as well as the bold line work of the illustration. You’ll barely believe they aren’t hand painted!

While I would love to create invitations for everyone, to insure that each of my clients receive a one of a kind and rewarding experience, I limit the number of wedding clients I accept per year. Contact me to see if I’m still available for your event!

To view examples of my past work, please visit the gallery


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