Friday! weekend links: october 10th-14th

found on swiss miss originally from here

hellloo Friday, I’ve been waiting for you all. week. long!

Personally, I think this weekend is calling for fresh chocolate chip cookies to be baked. Maybe we’ll even take a hike and eat those cookies on top of a mountain. Or maybe we’ll be lazy and just eat them on the couch the moment they come out of the oven. Key point, there will be cookies!

Speaking of food, once fall hits, I start making really hearty meals, but sometimes I just want a good clean pasta like this one. Let’s be honest though, I ALWAYS want pasta. I could live off of pasta alone.

Well maybe pasta and these lovely little bites. Almost too pretty to eat aren’t they?

Getting off of the food train, sometimes you just need a mini piƱata

and a new just girly enough addition to your fall (and winter) wardrobe.

Any big (or little) plans for your weekend?

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